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Name: Christie Ferrari
Blog: Christie Ferrari
Instagram: @Christie_Ferrari

Born in Miami, but now based in DC and NYC, as well as Miami. I am a fashion and travel blogger who believes strongly in mixing high end pieces with high street items.

How did you start Fashion Blogging?
I’ve always loved fashion, as cliché as that may sound. I would always love dressing up – or down – but truly enjoyed putting outfits together. I started posting OOTD mirror selfies on Instagram in 2014 and I recall receiving good feedback from friends and family. Soon after, I went public with my profile, and continued receiving even more feedback so I decided to go all in and so was born in January 2015.

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Describe your style?
My motto is mixing high end with high street. I am a firm believer that one does not need to be dressed in expensive designer clothes to be “Well-dressed”. On the contrary, it is the combination of properly-picked items that make the outfit. If you have the ability to have a pop of high end, it only elevates the outfit, but doesn’t necessarily “make it”. Mixing the right pieces of streetstyle fashion with pops of high end pieces is the quintessential balance I like to achieve.

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What are some pro’s and con’s of Fashion Bloggers?
As with everything, there’s a variety of people that have chosen to be fashion bloggers. It’s a great outlet for people that enjoy fashion! Most of the fashion bloggers that I have met have been very nice and the blog has been a great way to make new friends, both in NYC/MIA/DC and around the world! I don’t know if fashion bloggers have cons in particular. Like in everything, there are all sorts of different people that blog, each with his/her own pros and cons!

Where do you find your style inspiration?
I think it really depends on the city or location that I’m in. This has a huge impact on my style at the time. Miami, for example, calls for louder colors, while DC is more preppy in nature. NYC on the other hand is much more edgy and monochrome with only some pops of color. When traveling, I also think of where I’m going to be and dress for the location. Ibiza calls for very different outfits than St Barths, for example!

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One piece of advice you would give to any start up bloggers?
I think the main thing is: Remember the reason you started doing it. It’s easy sometimes to get overwhelmed, in particular when you have other obligations. Blogging is time-consuming and not as easy as many would have you believe. Remember you got into it because you love it and want to live it every day. Don’t chase the money, the likes, the features. Do what you love and success will come your way.

Favorite place to work on your blog? Creative Space?
I don’t think I have one! Obviously, the beach would be the answer but an unrealistic one! The truth is that I work on the blog everywhere – at home, on the go, on planes, on vacation, etc. So my favorite place would have to be where I am when things needs to get done!

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