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Last night I was found out that I was named as a “Limit Breaking Female Founder” among 98 other founders such as Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Socialfly, CEO of Birchbox, CEO of Peanut, Michelle Kennedy and many other amazing founders.

HuffPost combines breaking news and blogging with media commentary from some of the original thinkers in Hollywood, corporate America and the media. HuffPost currently has 22,910,627 followers a month.

Sometimes I find it hard to put into words how completely humbled and honored I am to have this platform inspiring other women.

For full article click here.

2017 was the year of overcoming trials:

  • My dog of 14 years passed away and my heart still aches from not having the comfort of her
  • My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
  • I ended a three-year on again off again toxic relationship

It’s relieving to think that 2017 (one of the hardest and most challenging years of my life) has closed. As I reflect back on this past year, I have to say I truly learned what the word “resilience” means to me in my own terms.

I met that girl, resilience, at a young age. I am the product of a single-family home where I learned how to stand tall when I thought my world was crumbling all around me. I had to work for everything I wanted. I guess you could say I was a true born hustler (cheers to that!). I learned how to survive on my own. I pushed through and put that Michelle smile we all know on and made it happen. I smiled through those times and through the grace of God, I always (crazily enough) saw the beauty in the trials.

In 2017 my mother was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Doctors on doctors and paperwork on paperwork. I had to be strong for her cause we are all we have. Is it better? Hell no, this is just the beginning but I can’t look back, I have to look forward and prepare myself. And yet, once again I was comforted by my longtime friend, Resilience.

I also learned to find my inner voice and worth in 2017 in the midst of a not so healthy relationship. I felt like I was in quicksand and couldn’t get out. But in the mundane circle I was getting wrapped up in during this three-year relationship, I can now look back and see the beauty in it. How I persevered and found “Michelle”.

I am excited and looking forward to 2018. Who wouldn’t be happy about that? I get to travel the world and meet amazing people that inspire me daily. I choose to make my life better by eating healthy, working out daily and surrounding myself with nothing but positive and happy vibes. All of my trials in life has led me to where I am today. To enjoy all the amazing things and to accept the things I cannot change but to embrace them as life changing moments.

Everyone has a chapter in their book that they peak at with one eye open. But we all need to give those dark moments credit. They shape you into who you are today…which is AMAZING. I look back, and I smile at my pages. Those hard moments I thought were the end of the world were page turners in my Louis Vuitton journal. I look ahead to 2018 and it’s a fresh, new and exciting chapter. If you want to cut negative people or relationships out of your life, do it. If you want to tell someone to F off, by all means please do.

Here is to 2018 with less filters on pictures, more real talk, wearing your heart on your sleeve and helping one another achieve great accomplishments.

Do you ever find yourself staring aimlessly in your closet, knee-deep in clothes only for that dreaded feeling to creep up? You know, the one where there’s absolutely nothing to wear?

It may not come as a surprise that I’m into clothes… and shopping (duh). First of all, I love having options, TONS of options. Second, I’m a huge traveler, and I love procuring totally unique pieces from around the world – Italian leather handbags, Parisian couture, you name it.

Let’s just say it became a slight problem when I realized I had enough clothing and accessories to dress Ft. Lauderdale… for a week. It’s 2018, and I was feeling a closet purge coming on. That dreaded feeling I mentioned earlier? Enough is enough. How many times have we been running late for an appointment and all we can manage to do is stand in our underwear in our closet and glare?

This time around it’s more than a mission to declutter. It’s also about shedding layers from the past that don’t belong lurking in our closets anymore. So, here’s a solution and a new year’s resolution for all of us! Enter: The Closet Purge.

There’s no better time than the present to make room for 2018’s trends. With that being said, I want to personally invite you all to shop my closet. Yes, my closet! I’m going to host my very own designer warehouse sale on January 13th and 14th. From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., I’m treating you lucky ladies (and gents) to deeply discounted designer apparel, handbags, shoes and accessories, all handpicked by me. You can expect high-fashion labels and pieces from my worldly travels adventures including Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Brioni and more. It gets better… I’m also offering awesome discounts on select Lilac And Lilies merchandise including styles from Veronica M, Gentle Fawn and Bishop + Young.

Now, before you go cray shopping my closet… let’s not forget about the one calling your name at home.

2018 is the year of change. It’s the year of finding you and embracing it. I don’t want to bring memories from the past into this new year (HELL NO). Commence with the purge (but this is a happy purge, not a scary purge).

“Where do you start?” you might ask? Take out everything you haven’t worn in a year. Yes really. The article of clothing you wore on that first kiss or the purse you took to that amazing event, both of which were never seen again… bye. Take it out and set it aside. Once you have those items stowed away, you will start to see things that are either way out of season or just not important to you. It’s okay to rid the things that aren’t you anymore and to make room for the new you.

Another great trick to follow is the 50/50 rule, which coincidences with the method above.  KEEP half your wardrobe. TOSS half of your wardrobe. Are you still breathing? Maybe a glass of wine should be required with this one.

Keep versatile pieces, items you always wear and piece you’re genuinely excited about. Toss items you haven’t worn in a year and pieces you can’t wear over and over again.

2018 is the year you will shine, lovely. You will be the best version of yourself and will start it off with a fresh start. Will you join me in my fresh start happening on January 13th and 14th? I will be opening up my closet and ridding myself of the articles I held dear to my heart. My closet purge is your lucky day. See you soon!

Event Details:

Date: Sat. Jan 13th & Sun. Jan. 14th
Time: 8am-2pm
197 Royal Palm Drive

Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. 33301
(taking place in cabana)
*cash only and all sales are final

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new years resolutions tips

It’s hard to believe we only have a few days left in 2017! I always take some time during the last week to reflect on the resolutions I made the previous year and come up with some goals for the year ahead.

This is a clean slate. A FRESH START! You can make a promise to yourself to get healthier, chase a dream, turn a hobby into a job or cross off some of the bucket list items you’ve been sitting on. Feeling motivated?

Forewarning, there will always be the run of the mill resolutions like dieting, not cussing (sorry, but no can do), less shopping, more exercise that trip you up. How many times can you say you’ve actually stood by a resolution and finished strong? I will be the first one to admit my track record is not squeaky clean…

The problem is most of us set new year’s resolutions that will fizzle out of existence in a matter of weeks. Sometimes we might set the bar too high or pile on too many resolutions to realistically maintain. This year I’m challenging myself and YOU to make it happen. Below are a few steps I’m following to keep with my goals in 2018. I hope they can do the same for you!

#1 Start Small

We have all been there – excited about the new year and SO over the past year. We are ready for our “New Year, New You” moment. We start thinking of all the resolutions that could really make a change and a difference in our lives. That’s your first mistake, sweetie. If you set TOO MANY goals, you run the risk of having TOO MANY things to work, which results in just about nothing. Start with one or two SMALL resolutions in January and then add another when February comes (should everything be going just peachy). The more you see positive results, the more motivation you’ll have to keep it up.

#2 Morning Glory

Oh…that resolution. The resolution to workout at least once a day or get up and do something active. Who has made that resolution to eventually see it vanish in the second week of January (slowly raising my hand to this)? It’s harder to make a decision to do anything in the evening after we have worked all day, made dinner for the family or something else came up like happy hour at that chic new spot downtown (usually my case). My advice? Start your new year’s resolution in the morning. Trust me, I know it’s not easy to get up and get going at 5 a.m., but girl, once you’re up you will feel so proud… the coffee helps too.

#3 Accountability is a Thing

We all have that girlfriend who knows the entire you and knows your downfalls. What better way to stick with your resolutions than having an accountability partner? I’ve had those moments when I’m ready to give up or cheat (looking at you cupcakes), BUT my girls made sure I stuck to my promises and reminded me of end goal I had set. All the wants, the needs and the excuses are no match when your girlfriends are on the case!

So, with all that said… what resolutions are you making this year? Happy New Year everyone!

I feel like this month is flying by…probably because I just traveled across the pond and back, but don’t you feel like the holidays always come and go in the blink of an eye? I’m sure Christmas is all you ladies are focused on right now, and let’s be honest, what to wear. Not that fashion is the focus of Christmas or anything, but the photographic evidence will be around to haunt you for the next decade…So here you go my little Florida “snow” bunnies, a girl’s go-to-guide on how to dress for every holiday soirée.

Look #1: Casual Fam Jam Christmas

There is nothing quite like waking up Christmas Day and getting down to business, and I mean the gift business. I still feel like a little girl when I rise bright and early, excited to see what’s in store for the day. I’m all for being comfortable on Christmas morning around the tree, but that doesn’t mean I want to look like I woke up from a long night of slugging eggnog, hair matted and eyeliner runny. So, what’s an easy outfit once the presents have been discovered, stockings have been spilled and you’re ready to take selfies with the fam?

I recommend throwing on our Blanca Bell Sleeve Blouse in holiday white with a pair of distressed cropped denim jeans. Feverishly ripping off wrapping paper and tossing tissue is decidedly more impressive with each flick of the wrist thanks to this adorable bell-sleeve top. Then slip into a pair of trendy loafers and toss on a black hat to bury that bed head.

south florida christmas outfit

Look #2:  With the Girls

Family time is great, but some grounding girl time is a holiday must. After a full day of festivities with my kin, you better believe I am ready to let loose with my squad. Nothing is better than exchanging good laughs, finding out who your secret Santa is and indulging in some vino. Whether the lady gang is out or kicking it back on the couch, one must celebrate in style. Slip into an Elan jumper, Ada leather belt and tan floppy hat from Kooringal before you jingle and mingle. Car is not included. That would be sweet as hell though.

south florida christmas outfit

Look #3: An Evening With the “Hopeful” In-Laws

Yes ma’am, I said it. The HOPEFUL in-laws. This outfit goes to all my girls with the adorable beau and the much-anticipated holiday dinner. Whether you’re meeting the fam for the first time or it’s another weekly occurrence, you need to arrive in style. In my last blog post about fashion looks for Thanksgiving, I recommended dressing conservatively, and I still stand by that, but you still need to have your game face on. For any holiday soirée, you can’t go wrong in a LBD. This classic style is not only sophisticated but can be dressed up or down depending on your jewelry, shoes and handbag. Show up in this showstopper from Blaque Label. Your honey will be so glad he brought you!

south florida christmas outfit

What’s your favorite way to spend Christmas day? I’d love to hear how you style it. Leave a comment, or even better, share your look with us on Instagram @LilacAndLilies_Boutique.

If you’re anything like me, you have an ongoing Pinterest board of ideas flowing for how to get ready for the holidays. Now that Florida has finally hit below 70 degrees, it’s officially, official. It’s often second nature to grab the tubs of decorations stored in the garage or the dreaded closet full of stuff and slap your decor up in the usual places. It’s okay—we’ve all been there. Some of us just need some inspiration to get our creative decorating wheels turning.

Last year, I was invited to a quaint dinner and I still cannot believe how amazing the tablescaping was. Yes, you heard right. Tablescaping, as in the act of creatively arranging a tabletop so that it conveys a specific theme, mood and experience. The tablescaping at this dinner was not only absolutely jaw-dropping, but it set the tone for a wonderful evening and left me feeling inspired.

Now, before some of you hesitate and think “Michelle, I don’t have a luxurious dining table,” rest reassured that won’t be a problem. These tablescaping ideas are suitable for all tables, large or small, tall or short.

Table Runner
First things first: the table runner. Protect your table and make a gorgeous statement. Steer clear of your mother’s plaid hand-me-down and use a jute embroidered burlap table runner. Its rustic touch will pair beautifully with a sparkling Christmas table and will warm up the table with its tree-shaped accents.

holiday tablescape 2

Fire logs
If you’re thinking of implementing fire logs into your table design, I recommend placing tea light candles on top for a dazzling touch. Wooden logs, adorned with garland (or even palm fonds for my fellow Floridians) and pinecones add a festive charm to a table dominated by high-spirited conversation.

holiday tablescape 3

Lanterns are an excellent way to decorate your table. The looks are truly endless, but I recommend filling your lanterns with stringed fairy lights to bring the wonder of the wintry season.

holiday tablescape 4

Christmas ornaments don’t just belong on the tree. Bring your table to life by sprinkling a few glitter ornaments around the table or filling a platter to make a shining centerpiece.

holiday tablescape 5

Name Cards
Make your guests feel like the true VIPs that they are by using name card placements. For a traditional feel, use deliciously smelling rosemary wreaths.

holiday tablescape 6

Ta-da! You now have your glitzy tablescape ready for your next holiday party. Cheers to that and cheers to you!

Click here for even more amazing holiday tablescape inspiration.


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cimber jewelry trunkshow

Join us for a special Cimber Jewelry Trunkshow at Lilac And Lilies Boutique. Shop exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces just in time for the holidays. Shop great gifts for everyone on your list with amazing bracelets, rings, and more.


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December 11 – December 31

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December 1 – 14

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  • Bring in 1 toy and get 10% off your entire purchase
  • Bring in 2 toys and get 15% off your entire purchase
  • Bring in 3 toys and get 20% off your entire purchase

December 11 – 31

Cimber Trunkshow

Shop exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces from Cimber Jewelry Designs just in time for the holidays!

December 12 – 23

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  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
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