Since I became an entrepreneur, people always ask me, “how do you deal with the pressure, people, challenges, relationships, family, etc.?” The answer is, I don’t . At least, not all at once.

When I began my journey as a small business owner, it felt like the entire world was on my shoulders. I was dealing with the stress of becoming an entrepreneur, figuring out finances, challenging myself personally, maintaining relationships with friends, family, and a significant other, all while making sure I look fantastic every day (look good = feel good, right?).

I hate to break it to you (and myself), but those pressures never stopped. I still deal with them to this day. The only thing that has changed is how I go about dealing with them.

I’m a fashion girl, I always have been. So I had to make this work in my Louboutin loving brain. I made shoe compartments. Hypothetically. Okay, I made shoes for my brain. Am I sounding crazy yet? I used compartmentalization to cope with everything that was going on around me. I imagined my brain to look like a free-standing shoe compartment with a pair of shoes in each slot that represented a part of my life.

Cue inner-voice:

“Let’s put my family shoes next to my boyfriend shoes….hmm no, that’s too risky. I’ll put my boyfriend shoes next to stressing-about-finances shoes! No, that doesn’t seem right either.”

I decided that no matter where the shoes were placed in my compartment, I would only wear one pair at a time, hence dealing with one issue at a time. Essentially, I made time for myself to deal with every single one of the stresses in my life, but never had to deal with them all at once.

The reason I’ve seen my business grow with success and my personal life flourish is because I recognized and embraced the fact that I had several full-time focuses, but only a limited amount of emotional and mental energy to devote to each one. With this tactic, I never really felt burnt out or on “E”. There’s not enough tea or yoga in the world to make my problems go away, so I decided to rock a pair of my “shoes” for only short amounts of time so I can continue walking- strutting my stuff through life.

How to do this for yourself? You, my sweet reader, are going to be okay. Follow these 5 steps:
1. Visualize your shoe compartment. Isolate each pair of shoes (issues) from each other.
2. When you wear a pair of your shoes, really focus on it, but only for a short amount of time.
3. Take baby steps. Don’t jump too far ahead the second you start to see progress.
4. Take the shoes off, stretch, put the next pair on.
5. Say “no” to a pair of shoes that doesn’t deserve a compartment on your brain.

“Life is short. We can live it lost in our own thoughts, or we can choose to be present, moment to moment, watching as life unfolds around us.” -Headspace


I have a love for many things. Wine, clothes, Chanel and puppies, but my love for traveling solo is one that can’t be compared. You might be thinking “Oh hell no. I can barely go shopping by myself.” Fair enough! It’s a scary thought, but have you ever considered embracing the challenge and learning more about yourself in the process? I can attest, it’s pretty amazing.

Traveling with people gives you laughs, memories and a deeper connection. So, you’re wondering, how could traveling by yourself even compare? What if I told you that those memories and those laughs by yourself are way better? Girl, I know it sounds crazy, but trust me.

I have memories of extraordinary, eye-opening solo trips that no one will ever get to fully understand because it was MY experience.

Not only did I find that traveling alone wasn’t sad or worthy of someone’s sympathy, but it was also the trips on which I learned the most about myself and the world. I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do or begging me to try that one thing. It was just me and my experience. There is something so beautiful about that.

There are a ton of reasons why people might travel alone – they might want to do a little soul searching or need some time away from everyday life. I have traveled around the freaking globe by myself and each trip has served a different purpose.

I traveled to Thailand for a spiritual journey where I visited an orphanage and rode on the back of an elephant through the river. Who else can say that? That trip was one I will never forget and taught me so much Yes, I was scared of the unknown and putting myself out of my comfort zone, but I did it. I now have memories in pictures that you can see but only I can relive.

I journeyed through Europe just to, well, live it up… literally. I call Europe my party place. I am by no means a crazy partier. Let’s be real, I’m in bed at 9 p.m. most nights. I do, however, like to occasionally treat myself to a good time, and Europe is just the place for that. Yes, I may have skinny dipped at a secluded beach on the Amalfi coast, and that’s perfectly fine. I embraced living in the moment.

Traveling alone can be a whirlwind of unexpected emotions. I’ve been in many situations during my travels where I have been scared, lonely, uncertain and frustrated. What is important about those moments is that I got through them. Most importantly, I got through them alone. If it had not been for those times when I felt afraid or homesick, I might not have the same outlook on life I hold now.

Whenever I think there is something I can’t accomplish, I look back on those times I was alone and uncertain, but found my way through it.
After traveling through countries where nothing seems familiar, not knowing a single word of the language and finding your way through foreign streets to a beautiful destination, you will realize there is nothing in this world you cannot do.

I love that saying “What will you do with your crazy and beautiful life?” I can look back and say “I wasn’t afraid of taking chances, I learned to love myself and took a leap of faith.” Can you say the same? I challenge you to book that trip you have been dreaming of and stop waiting on your girls or your man to say yes. Just do it. By yourself.

Have you taken a solo trip? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

Spring is about to hit our doorsteps and you’re probably thinking “Michelle, I wore spring clothes in December. What’s the difference?” Well my friend, there is a big difference, and I am here to help you out. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. We’ve just made it through those HARSH winter temps in Florida and are ready to break out the bikinis and rompers. Obviously, I’m joking, but I do love a deep dive into a shiny new season’s trends, especially the transition from winter to spring. Below are four spring fashion trends you should hop on now before everyone else does.

1. If you’re thinking lace is a fabric reserved just for weddings and goody-goody dresses, think again. With the right styling, a dainty lace dress can go from sweet to spicy in two seconds. I know, I know, a lot of us have a love-hate relationship with this froofie fabric but trust me, it’s coming back. Use a lace dress to show off a little sun-kissed skin like in this pretty little number. Still not convinced? Pair a lace blouse or dress with a leather jacket for extra edge.

spring fashion south florida

2. The jumpsuit’s little sister – the romper – is making its spring debut, and I personally could not be happier. This style is all about a variety of cuts, designs, colors, patterns, fabrics and lengths… the list goes on. I wear rompers literally everywhere, but always get the question of how to exactly wear this style the right way. Is a romper appropriate for that specific occasion and so on. The super short rompers with tiny little straps, bare backs, and flowy fabrics are perfect for the beach. Pair them with summer hats, flat gladiator sandals and even your bikini. Then there are the posh versions of the romper for either evening looks, dates, you name it! They also go great with heels (Guilty of being that girl in the sparkly number? Cheers!). And last but not least (personally my favorite!) there are the pretty 60s-inspired rompers with a slight dose of 70s: super short, flirty and retro just like our NEW L*Space romper. This romper has just the right amount of flare and sass.

spring fashion south florida

3. Does anyone remember the jean ancestor? Looking at you Bermuda shorts. You know the ones that hugged your thighs a little too tight, might have come in a pastel plaid print? Now let’s cheers to being those girls that wore them (any takers?). No, they aren’t making a comeback (never should have been a thing), but their long distant, very young and once replaced/removed cousin (you get the idea) is here and we are LOVING them. The 2018-approved Bermudas with added flare are just what your closet was requesting. This denim revival is sophisticated, stylish and make a bold yet tasteful statement. They’re slimming and far more comfortable than skinny jeans (unless you go the leather or patent route). Create this look with our Lucca Couture pieces! Also, maximize your flares’ leg-lengthening potential with heels.

4. I love a good, vibrant statement piece. If you’re sitting in your seat already sweating at the thought of patterns on your body, take a deep breath, chica. Fun prints are more wearable than you think. I am continuously drawn to patterns in dresses. Fun designs are a great way to showcase your personality. If you are concerned an all over pattern is not for you, know that in fact, this season’s prints will look great on any body type. Just pair these looks from Aster The Label and Velvet Heart with a neutral shoe and you will own all your print insecurities. Just please promise to keep the accessories to a minimum.

spring fashion south florida

spring fashion south florida

Visit our Spring Is In The Air on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Break some hearts this Galentine’s Day with sweet styles from Kendra Scott, Blank NYC, Rewined Candles, Hanky Panky and more. And, visit our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for even more sweet inspiration.


It is no shock that I love everything about Ft. Lauderdale. The businesses, the people, the atmosphere… everything. I also love supporting our local community, which is why I have joined forces with the new and Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach.

“What does this entail?” you might ask. I’ll be providing on-demand styling to the guests lucky enough to vacation at the resort. A sort of style concierge if you will.

Why will this come in handy? Forgot that perfect dress for a special event or maybe something popped up and your screaming “What the hell do I do?!” I am thrilled, to say the least. I will be the go-to stylist for this location (pretty amazing) and will help style people upon request. This is my absolute dream. Doing what I love to help others out… in a stylish way.

One of the reasons why this is perfect, is because of the brand. The new resort is not only stunning, but also offers a glamorous lifestyle to any Ft. Laudydaudies and out of towners.

I myself had a mini staycation a few days ago and I’m hooked! I even managed to fit in a photoshoot with some of my favorite looks and favorite spots around the property, giving you a glimpse at this beautiful resort.

To start off, when you walk in your greeted with relaxing natural tones, breathtaking pieces of art and astounding arches. The rooms are even more impressive with panoramic views of the ocean. Wood and natural elements accent the space from the bottom up, and there’s a modern kitchen to make this feel like your home away from home. For a stroll around the elegant Conrad scene, I chose a striped Elan dress. The simplicity and comfort fit right in to the beachfront surroundings.

conrad hotel lilac and lilies boutique

No staycation is complete without a little R&R! Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach took great care of me at their 4,000-square-foot full-service spa where I spoiled myself with their ‘Enrich with the Touch of Paradise,’ and it is exactly what it sounds like. I was pampered in intoxicating exotic fragrances of Vanilla, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang before a softening body scrub and a customized massage. Ladies, need I say more? Oh, and of course there was a beautiful glass of champs waiting for me.

conrad hotel lilac and lilies boutique

One of the best things about Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach is the outside. The pool is surrounded by tall beams dressed with a touch of greenery. This includes a heated fresh water pool and cabanas! What also makes this the ultimate escape is the view of the ocean. Yes, I am guilty of lounging outside for a majority of my staycation.

Pair this part of your day at the resort with an L*Space tropical inspired romper or even a white-knitted top from Elan paired with Blank NYC denim shorts and Dolce Vita wedges. Sorry winter, but my home looks best in summer attire.

Not really a pool gal? Take it to the green! This is one of my favorite things Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach offers. Who doesn’t love a good lawn game with corn hole and lounging? It is absolutely a vacationers’ dream out here.

It all sounds pretty amazing, right? I can’t wait to start this journey helping guests staying at Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach and to meet amazing woman from all over the globe. If you are traveling to the resort or even to Ft. Lauderdale, I would love to hear from you and help style you for your next big event!

new years resolutions tips

It’s hard to believe we only have a few days left in 2017! I always take some time during the last week to reflect on the resolutions I made the previous year and come up with some goals for the year ahead.

This is a clean slate. A FRESH START! You can make a promise to yourself to get healthier, chase a dream, turn a hobby into a job or cross off some of the bucket list items you’ve been sitting on. Feeling motivated?

Forewarning, there will always be the run of the mill resolutions like dieting, not cussing (sorry, but no can do), less shopping, more exercise that trip you up. How many times can you say you’ve actually stood by a resolution and finished strong? I will be the first one to admit my track record is not squeaky clean…

The problem is most of us set new year’s resolutions that will fizzle out of existence in a matter of weeks. Sometimes we might set the bar too high or pile on too many resolutions to realistically maintain. This year I’m challenging myself and YOU to make it happen. Below are a few steps I’m following to keep with my goals in 2018. I hope they can do the same for you!

#1 Start Small

We have all been there – excited about the new year and SO over the past year. We are ready for our “New Year, New You” moment. We start thinking of all the resolutions that could really make a change and a difference in our lives. That’s your first mistake, sweetie. If you set TOO MANY goals, you run the risk of having TOO MANY things to work, which results in just about nothing. Start with one or two SMALL resolutions in January and then add another when February comes (should everything be going just peachy). The more you see positive results, the more motivation you’ll have to keep it up.

#2 Morning Glory

Oh…that resolution. The resolution to workout at least once a day or get up and do something active. Who has made that resolution to eventually see it vanish in the second week of January (slowly raising my hand to this)? It’s harder to make a decision to do anything in the evening after we have worked all day, made dinner for the family or something else came up like happy hour at that chic new spot downtown (usually my case). My advice? Start your new year’s resolution in the morning. Trust me, I know it’s not easy to get up and get going at 5 a.m., but girl, once you’re up you will feel so proud… the coffee helps too.

#3 Accountability is a Thing

We all have that girlfriend who knows the entire you and knows your downfalls. What better way to stick with your resolutions than having an accountability partner? I’ve had those moments when I’m ready to give up or cheat (looking at you cupcakes), BUT my girls made sure I stuck to my promises and reminded me of end goal I had set. All the wants, the needs and the excuses are no match when your girlfriends are on the case!

So, with all that said… what resolutions are you making this year? Happy New Year everyone!

If you’re anything like me, you have an ongoing Pinterest board of ideas flowing for how to get ready for the holidays. Now that Florida has finally hit below 70 degrees, it’s officially, official. It’s often second nature to grab the tubs of decorations stored in the garage or the dreaded closet full of stuff and slap your decor up in the usual places. It’s okay—we’ve all been there. Some of us just need some inspiration to get our creative decorating wheels turning.

Last year, I was invited to a quaint dinner and I still cannot believe how amazing the tablescaping was. Yes, you heard right. Tablescaping, as in the act of creatively arranging a tabletop so that it conveys a specific theme, mood and experience. The tablescaping at this dinner was not only absolutely jaw-dropping, but it set the tone for a wonderful evening and left me feeling inspired.

Now, before some of you hesitate and think “Michelle, I don’t have a luxurious dining table,” rest reassured that won’t be a problem. These tablescaping ideas are suitable for all tables, large or small, tall or short.

Table Runner
First things first: the table runner. Protect your table and make a gorgeous statement. Steer clear of your mother’s plaid hand-me-down and use a jute embroidered burlap table runner. Its rustic touch will pair beautifully with a sparkling Christmas table and will warm up the table with its tree-shaped accents.

holiday tablescape 2

Fire logs
If you’re thinking of implementing fire logs into your table design, I recommend placing tea light candles on top for a dazzling touch. Wooden logs, adorned with garland (or even palm fonds for my fellow Floridians) and pinecones add a festive charm to a table dominated by high-spirited conversation.

holiday tablescape 3

Lanterns are an excellent way to decorate your table. The looks are truly endless, but I recommend filling your lanterns with stringed fairy lights to bring the wonder of the wintry season.

holiday tablescape 4

Christmas ornaments don’t just belong on the tree. Bring your table to life by sprinkling a few glitter ornaments around the table or filling a platter to make a shining centerpiece.

holiday tablescape 5

Name Cards
Make your guests feel like the true VIPs that they are by using name card placements. For a traditional feel, use deliciously smelling rosemary wreaths.

holiday tablescape 6

Ta-da! You now have your glitzy tablescape ready for your next holiday party. Cheers to that and cheers to you!

Click here for even more amazing holiday tablescape inspiration.


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The New York Post wrote an article insisting Fort Lauderdale is simply “better” at life than Miami. I may be bias about our sunny slice of paradise, having lived here in South Florida for my entire life, but yes Fort Lauderdale can out-magic the Magic City any day of the week.

I know this because I have made it my mission to eat, drink and experience all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. However, I still find major hidden gems every day sprinkled throughout this thriving not-so-little town of 167,000.

Most of these gems are nestled along Las Olas Boulevard which I consider the very heart and soul of Fort Lauderdale. Stretching from the beach and rising over the Intracoastal Waterway with magnificent views of million dollar homes and spectacular yachts, Las Olas continues downtown with fabulous shopping, dining and sight-seeing along the way.

Set aside a Sunday and stroll down the strip. I’ve rounded up the boulevard’s must-sees and what to wear so you nail that perfect Insta!

  1. Louie Bossi. Need I say more? This restaurant’s atmosphere is to die for. I mean who wouldn’t want to feel like they are a part of the movie, Secret Garden for an hour? Sit in the charming courtyard complete with string lights and a picturesque gazebo. Chef Louie Bossi is all hands on at this gem and you can tell with each bite. Pair his authentic flare with a chilled bottle of rose, and this place is perfect for any girl’s night, celebration or just to escape. If you’re going out with the girls, pair it with our Lost & Wander cable knit sweater and Blaque Label shorts (Vespa not included…sadly). Yes, we are in that awkward stage where we can wear sweaters and shorts and it still be acceptable. Or if you’re feeling a little casual for the day and want to lounge around a wine barrel (I do it all the time too, don’t worry) wear our On The Road pants. They are the most comfortable pair of pants on the market.hidden gems of fort lauderdalehidden gems of fort lauderdale
  2. Feeling artsy? Try heading down to the oldest art gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Fine Arts gallery. Including 40 award-winning international artists such as Fortier, seductress Paquet, the witty Seguin and other amazing artist. Like I said, this gallery has it all. You can scan artwork made from oils, acrylics and bronzes (talk about a girl’s dream). Want to take this gallery on for a date night? Try our emerald velvet green dress from the sought-after brand, Lost & Wander embellished with the Kendra Scott earrings. I promise you this little spot will win you over, just like it did me.hidden gems of fort lauderdale
  3. Want to hear some good tunes? Swing by the fire pit at YOLO on weeknights for some live music (Yes, I said fire pit girl). This lively spot is a longtime staple on Las Olas with a happening bar and outdoor lounge. This hotspot not only gives the palate a divine taste but it also serves as a great backdrop for your next instagrammable moment. Do you want to make an even bigger impression? Make those heads turn at YOLO with our Blaque Label black dress and sunglasses for your next brunch.

hidden gems of fort lauderdale





Hello, Jetsetters! It’s our favorite time of year when temperatures start to drop and leaves start to turn but it seems like South Florida didn’t get the memo! If you’re over the summer and ready for sweater weather, here are a few destinations we’ve rediscovered thank you to Don’t be fooled though! You might be thinking, “New York?  Really?” But we’re not sending you to Times Square or Central Park. Read up for the most under-the-radar locales in the most on-the-radar cities.

New York, New York

With its lavish style, New York City is a sought-out destination, especially for the fall and winter seasons. Think crisp and cool and cue your favorite seasonal outfits. We suggest a brisk walk under the fall foliage at the Conservatory Garden and dress for the occasion with our knee-high suede boots. You will still look stylish with comfort at your feet. Eat your way through the Gotham West Kitchen, a one-of-a-kind communal dining hall inspired by Hell’s Kitchen and serving up food favorites from around the globe, with our burgundy knit top, leather skirt and leather blocked jacket. Where to stay? The Upper East Side always earns rave reviews and our favorite is the Carlyle, an elegant boutique hotel with Central Park-facing rooms.

Greenville, South Carolina

A serene, sylvan setting makes Greenville, SC a surprising new hot spot which attracts all ages and therefore makes this one of our top seasonal destinations. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, a foodie or an art lover, there’s no shortage of things to do in Greenville. Whether you want to go explore the downtown streets in your chic attire or hike up mountains (which are literally minutes away!) the style here is faultless. Head over to the Dark Corner Distillery in our floral maxi paired with our crisscross knit sweater to add flare and elegance or dress up your look with our suede heel bootie. Enjoy fine dining in High Cotton with restaurants that boast international flare before retreating to the Aloft Greenville Downtown or the for an unmatched experience. With an assortment of options to choose from, Greenville, SC is a destination you must add to your list this season.

Denver, Colorado

If you’re like so done with the East Coast, head on over to the Rockies for the 47th Annual Oktoberfest.  The six-day festival, known for its classic German brews, is one of the best in the country. Pair this event with our turtle-neck tank, destressed jeans cozied up with our fitted denim jacket dressed with pearls. For a family-friendly affair, take the tykes for a trip through the eight-acre corn maze at Chatfield Farms, and snap an Insta with Mother Nature.  Since it won’t be snowing yet, enjoy a relaxing stay at The Crawford Hotel, located inside the landmark 1881 Denver Union Station.  The hotel rooms feature an Art Deco and Victorian fusion as well as exposed brick walls and 14-foot ceilings for modern luxury.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson what? You heard me…Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This gem has stolen my heart for many reasons. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that this destination spot was included in the “Best Places to Travel in 2017” by Thrillist Travel. Its picturesque views, crisp air, and amazing atmosphere are untouched. If you are wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of life, this place will make you feel one with yourself while you take in the scenic nature. Hike up to Snow King Mountain, which towers over the little town of Jackson or get your boots on and dance the night away at Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Not into dancing? Take a stroll on Jackson Town square in our purple maxi, knee-high suede boots and light army jacket. The bulk of Jackson’s shops, restaurants and bars are located around Town Square, making it a shopper’s dream. Log cabins lie nestled alongside modern western architecture and high-end boutiques. Stay at the historic Hotel Jackson which blends contemporary western history with rustic designs or the Rustic Inn Creekside Resort & Spa for a luxury boutique cabin experience.




Happy National Junk Food Day!

Today only, enjoy 20% off all Junk Food Clothing in stock at Lilac And Lilies Boutique. These tee’s are a celebrity favorite being sported by Harry styles, Demi Lovato and even Kourtney Kardashian. Come grab a one-of-a-kind graphic tee made in L.A.

With Bikini Season in full Swing and Miami Swim Week upon us, you may be feeling a little more health conscious… don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing my absolute favorite healthy snack alternatives to satiate even your strongest cravings.

Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Recipe Source :


  • 2 (15ounce) cans chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, thoroughly drained and rinsed (about 3 cups)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt



  1. Heat the oven to 400°F and arrange a rack in the middle.
  2. Place the chickpeas in a large bowl and toss with the remaining ingredients until evenly coated. Spread the chickpeas in an even layer on a rimmed baking sheet and bake until crisp, about 30 to 40 minutes.


Easy Oven Baked Zucchini Chips

Recipe Source:


  • 1 large zucchini
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Kosher salt




  1. Preheat oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Line two large baking sheets (I used two 17″ baking sheets) with silicon baking mats or parchment paper.
  2. Slice your zucchini on a mandolin. Mine had 1, 2, or 3 for thickness and I used 2.
  3. After you slice your zucchini, place the slices on a sheet of paper towels and take another paper towel and sandwich the zucchini slices and press on them. This helps draw out the liquid so it’ll cook a bit faster.
  4. Line up the zucchini slices on the prepared baking sheet tightly next to each other in a straight line, making sure not to overlap them.
  5. In a small bowl, pour your olive oil in and take a pastry brush to brush the olive oil on each zucchini slice.
  6. Sprinkle salt throughout the baking sheet. Do NOT over-season, in fact, it’s better to use less salt initially because the slices will shrink; so if you over-season, it’ll be way too salty! You can always add more later.
  7. Bake for 2+ hours until they start to brown and aren’t soggy and are crisp.
  8. Let cool before removing and serving.
  9. Keep in an airtight container for no more than 3 days.

Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn

Recipe Source:



8 cups popped popcorn
1/2 cup white chocolate chips
1/2 cup milk or dark chocolate chips


While warm, sprinkle the popcorn with salt to taste. Spread popcorn about 1-inch deep on a baking sheet.

Melt white chocolate chips and dark chocolate separately in a double boiler. Stir the white chocolate often to prevent scorching.

Immediately dip a fork or chopstick into the white chocolate and wave it over the popcorn, continuing until all white chocolate has been used. Repeat with milk or dark chocolate.

Place baking sheet with popcorn in refrigerator for 30 minutes, or until chocolate is very firm. Transfer to sealed plastic bags.



Those are just a few of my favorite healthy recipes I’ve found over the years. I’ve got many more up my sleeve, so keep checking back to see more health conscious recipes shared in the future!