lilac and lilies forbesToday one of my dreams came true, we were included in Forbes. The article covers how small businesses can compete with big companies during the holidays. Lilac And Lilies Boutique was among other companies such as Handsocks, Crompton Collective and St. Croix Chocolate Company. focuses on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle and garners 29,759,863 viewers a month.

Couldn’t be more more proud of our incredible team and what we have created.

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How many times in your life have you been told to ‘brand yourself’ or ‘make sure you leave a lasting impression,”? Well speaking for myself, I would have to say a million times. Girlfriend, your brand is everything – it’s who you are. It stands for what you do, and why you do what you do. Your journey as an individual is a part of your brand and your product. Be proud of it and show it!

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room,” is a quote that I live by religiously. Just think about it for a second. You enter a room and you make an impression. When you leave, what will people think? What will people think of your business? Are they interested? (Have I made you think today? Good!)

Day in and day out, you’re a walking advertisement of yourself and your product. Just like Anna Wintour is to Vogue and Steve Jobs was to Apple – their brands followed them and vice versa.

michelle dimarco

As a business owner, I have to keep that at the forefront of my mind. Lilac And Lilies is an expression of who I am. From the fashion and accessories, I hand-pick for the boutique, to the music we play in store, it all comes down to my brand which is essentially me.

It wasn’t always easy for me to practice this. To be honest, it was hard as hell trying to merge our two identities. I was starting a business, had just moved back to Florida and honestly still grasping with life as an ambitious young woman. There were lessons I learned and some that I am still learning.

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear, shaping your personal brand is extremely important. Below are some personal tips that have helped me out, and I want to share with my favorite people:

1. Understand yourself and be true to who you are

Honey, you do not, and I repeat, do not want to build YOUR personal brand around something you are not. Can you just imagine how exhausting that would be? You would have to act a certain way, appear a certain way, and say certain things every day, regardless of how you felt about it. Damn, I am already winded just thinking about that. More wine, please! Be you and be authentic. That is what will ultimately lead to success in the long run.

2. Pitch, pitch, pitch yourself

Yes, you heard me. Pitch YOURSELF. Not your company or product, but the genuine and amazing you. I would recommend starting with some speaking engagements or applying for industry awards. These are opportunities to be seen and heard while also building your freaking amazing credibility. Viewers will begin to make a connection with you and be interested in what you are offering. Start small, and keep building. When I speak at events, I speak from the soul. I share my true opinions. If I can make at least one connection with someone in the room then I have succeeded.

michelle dimarco

3. Make your online presence remarkable

I don’t think it comes as any surprise that I have to mention social media or even the World Wide Web (Do people still call it that?). These days you can find anything online, and I mean anything including you. How does your online presence look? Is it something you yourself would be interested in? Social media is what people confide in when they want to get to know somebody. Do your channels represent you truly? Do they present you in the best light possible? It is always a good rule of thumb to never put something online that your grandmother wouldn’t approve.


Lilac And Lilies Boutique continues to ring in the holiday cheer by hosting American Express’ Small Business Saturday shopping experience on Saturday, November 25th. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. shoppers will enjoy up to 80 percent off select store merchandise with complimentary sips and sweets from Miami Cocktail Company and delectable hummus from Hope Hummus.

In addition to a free gift with store purchases, attendees will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win seasonal favorites from Hanky Panky, Rewined Candle, Veronica M., SPANX and L*SPACE.

The New York Post wrote an article insisting Fort Lauderdale is simply “better” at life than Miami. I may be bias about our sunny slice of paradise, having lived here in South Florida for my entire life, but yes Fort Lauderdale can out-magic the Magic City any day of the week.

I know this because I have made it my mission to eat, drink and experience all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. However, I still find major hidden gems every day sprinkled throughout this thriving not-so-little town of 167,000.

Most of these gems are nestled along Las Olas Boulevard which I consider the very heart and soul of Fort Lauderdale. Stretching from the beach and rising over the Intracoastal Waterway with magnificent views of million dollar homes and spectacular yachts, Las Olas continues downtown with fabulous shopping, dining and sight-seeing along the way.

Set aside a Sunday and stroll down the strip. I’ve rounded up the boulevard’s must-sees and what to wear so you nail that perfect Insta!

  1. Louie Bossi. Need I say more? This restaurant’s atmosphere is to die for. I mean who wouldn’t want to feel like they are a part of the movie, Secret Garden for an hour? Sit in the charming courtyard complete with string lights and a picturesque gazebo. Chef Louie Bossi is all hands on at this gem and you can tell with each bite. Pair his authentic flare with a chilled bottle of rose, and this place is perfect for any girl’s night, celebration or just to escape. If you’re going out with the girls, pair it with our Lost & Wander cable knit sweater and Blaque Label shorts (Vespa not included…sadly). Yes, we are in that awkward stage where we can wear sweaters and shorts and it still be acceptable. Or if you’re feeling a little casual for the day and want to lounge around a wine barrel (I do it all the time too, don’t worry) wear our On The Road pants. They are the most comfortable pair of pants on the market.hidden gems of fort lauderdalehidden gems of fort lauderdale
  2. Feeling artsy? Try heading down to the oldest art gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Fine Arts gallery. Including 40 award-winning international artists such as Fortier, seductress Paquet, the witty Seguin and other amazing artist. Like I said, this gallery has it all. You can scan artwork made from oils, acrylics and bronzes (talk about a girl’s dream). Want to take this gallery on for a date night? Try our emerald velvet green dress from the sought-after brand, Lost & Wander embellished with the Kendra Scott earrings. I promise you this little spot will win you over, just like it did me.hidden gems of fort lauderdale
  3. Want to hear some good tunes? Swing by the fire pit at YOLO on weeknights for some live music (Yes, I said fire pit girl). This lively spot is a longtime staple on Las Olas with a happening bar and outdoor lounge. This hotspot not only gives the palate a divine taste but it also serves as a great backdrop for your next instagrammable moment. Do you want to make an even bigger impression? Make those heads turn at YOLO with our Blaque Label black dress and sunglasses for your next brunch.

hidden gems of fort lauderdale





march-events-featuredJoin us at Lilac And Lilies for an eventful November! Please see our event schedule below. Please note, event details are subject to change. Please call the store at 954.530.3109 for questions.

November 11, 1:00 – 4:00pm

Kendra Scott Trunkshow

  • Shop hundreds of Kendra Scott pieces
  • Receive exclusive Kendra Scott gift box
  • Mimosas and sweet treats
  • 40 giveaways
  • Free entry for a chance to win a Kendra Scott Statement Necklace

November 24

Black Friday

  • Entire store up to 40% Off
  • 40% Off: 8am – 11am
  • 30% Off: 11am – 3pm
  • 20% Off: 3pm – 8pm
  • Up to 80% off sale merchandise
  • $10 Bins
  • $20 Bins
  • Complimentary coffee

November 25

Small Business Saturday

  • Sweet treats & mimosas

Join us for a special Kendra Scott Trunkshow at Lilac And Lilies Boutique. Shop hundreds of beautiful pieces from the popular designer while you enjoy sweet treats and mimosas. Get an exclusive Kendra Scott gift box with your purchase. Plus, we have 40 giveaways and an amazing raffle for your chance to win 1 of 4 Kendra Scott statement necklaces.


Lilac And Lilies Boutique
2541 East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


Saturday. November 11th
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Fall fashion in South Florida can be tricky. It can be hot and muggy and throw your wardrobe completely off. The good news is you can build great outfits from items you may already have in your closet. We welcomed the CW to our boutique to shoe how easy it can be done. Watch how we incorporate sweaters, lightweight jackets, denim jackets and shapewear to create trendy looks for fall.

halloween saleCome celebrate Halloween with us and save with a treat! October 28 – 31, pick a treat from our bucket and get a surprise discount on any non-sale item. Discounts are valued between 10 and 30 percent off. It’s all treats, no tricks here!

We’re looking for L&L Brand Ambassadors to attend the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show! You’ll receive L&L Cash, attend more South Florida’s hottest events, be eligible for employee discounts, and more! For inquiries, please email or call 954.530.3109.

  • Post on social media weekly (1 post minimum on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Attend 1-3 events monthly
    • Off Site Promotion
    • In store event
  • Uphold L&L standards while out in public promoting
    • No alcohol consumption
    • No Profanity
    • Use Professionalism at all times
  • $10.00 L&L cash per hour when out on location or in store for event.
  • $5.00 L&L cash for any customer that brings in and uses coupon with your name on it (Name MUST be on coupon to get credit)
  • Lilac And Lilies is not responsible for lost or stolen L&L Cash.
  • Compensation will be given bi-weekly (every other Wed.)
  • VIP discount of 30% off all non-sale merchandise. (This excludes Alex & Ani and Jennifer Zeuner Merchandise)


I could have written a book on what I thought my life would be like.  Growing up, I imagined a devoted husband, the perfect 2.5 caring children and a shiny white picket fence in the suburbs.  An ideal life for a Stepford wife, but that’s not where the universe decided to take me, and I’m totally fine with that.

Instead, I am single (and dating, adventurously!), I own my own successful business and I have nowhere near 2.5 children.  And you know what?  I am exactly where I am meant to be.

So many of us have a cookie cutter model mapped out for our lives, but then we get thrown for a loop when fate decides to take us in a different direction.  Instead of cursing the universe, like I know we all want to, take a deep breath and surrender.  Just like taking a breath and falling into a not-so-comfy yoga pose, take a deep breath and let yourself fall into the arms of the universe and all that it has planned for you.

Take me, for example, who at 31 decided that I didn’t necessarily need to rely on a husband or children to find my sense of purpose. Instead, I pulled up my metaphorical bootstraps and decided to start my own business, Lilac And Lilies, which became my baby over time.  I’ve watched it grow and develop, and I couldn’t be prouder of all the work I’ve done to make it what it is today.

Beyond finding my own sense of fulfillment, I’ve been truly honored and inspired to see all of the dedicated female business owners who have followed in my footsteps.  I hope to see more individuals embracing different paths to success in the future; after all, I myself could not be happier with the path that fate decided to take me.

Whatever your path may be, I hope that it satisfies you; everyone deserves to find their version of success—even if there is no picket fence involved.