Name: Annie Vazquez
Occupation/Company: Entrepeneur &
Instagram: @TheFashionPoet @AnnieTheAlchemist
Website: &

How did you get to where you are today?
Hard work, faith in myself, meditation, surrendering to the universe when things i thought weren’t panning my way actually were, being respectful & kind to others and surrounding myself with people who lift me emotionally.

What is your elevator pitch on what you do?
I’m a big time shopper who has a knack for writing and was able to turn her shopping into a business by being a pioneer in Miami’s fashion blogging industry and now i did the same with my wellness site. you gotta make a business out of things you love.

How do you define success?
Honestly, i think it’s being alive and pushing through challenges and finding peace in both the tough and happiest times. Everything is a fleeting moment, you can be on top of the world one second and on the ground the next, but in life we need to master surviving both and acknowledging their purpose which is to help us grow into better versions of ourselves.

What have been some of the most rewarding things in your career thus far?
i’d have to say the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from different walks of life & learn from them, to travel to places on my vision board and to grow from being petrified to do public speaking to now stand in a room full of hundreds of people and talk and make them laugh and connect with them.

What have been some of the hiccups (mistakes) along the way and what have you learned from them? Well, I’ve learned a lot. I learned to separate my ego from my work being a fashion blogger opened up a channel of internet bullies so I learned not to take it personal.

What do you still want to achieve personally and/or professionally?
There are so many things. I definitely am excited to have my own brand, Annie The Alchemist so getting the merchandise in different boutiques across the country is one thing.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?
My parents. They are goals in business. I always turn to them for advice. They are also spiritual samurais. They are so calm, kind and generous.

What makes you truly, genuinely happy?
Many things haha. i’m pretty simple. Could be traveling to a new country, having coffee with a friend and laughing, walking my dog or eating pizza in bed watching Netflix.

What advice would you tell your 21-year-old self?
There is nothing to fear accept not trying.

What is the biggest misconception about what you do?
haha… that what i do is not work or it’s easy. The truth is I have to wear a lot of hats, hustle and make my own money. i am grateful to work for myself, but that also requires a certain discipline and faith. there’s good times in business and there’s slow times. it’s quite humbling to experience it all. you gotta reinvent, be savvy, strategize and fight for what you love.

Any words of inspiration or your favorite quote?
‘If you’re going through hell keep going.’ – roosevelt
“what you seek is seeking you.” -rumi

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