Last night I was found out that I was named as a “Limit Breaking Female Founder” among 98 other founders such as Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Socialfly, CEO of Birchbox, CEO of Peanut, Michelle Kennedy and many other amazing founders.

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Sometimes I find it hard to put into words how completely humbled and honored I am to have this platform inspiring other women.

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2017 was the year of overcoming trials:

  • My dog of 14 years passed away and my heart still aches from not having the comfort of her
  • My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
  • I ended a three-year on again off again toxic relationship

It’s relieving to think that 2017 (one of the hardest and most challenging years of my life) has closed. As I reflect back on this past year, I have to say I truly learned what the word “resilience” means to me in my own terms.

I met that girl, resilience, at a young age. I am the product of a single-family home where I learned how to stand tall when I thought my world was crumbling all around me. I had to work for everything I wanted. I guess you could say I was a true born hustler (cheers to that!). I learned how to survive on my own. I pushed through and put that Michelle smile we all know on and made it happen. I smiled through those times and through the grace of God, I always (crazily enough) saw the beauty in the trials.

In 2017 my mother was diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Doctors on doctors and paperwork on paperwork. I had to be strong for her cause we are all we have. Is it better? Hell no, this is just the beginning but I can’t look back, I have to look forward and prepare myself. And yet, once again I was comforted by my longtime friend, Resilience.

I also learned to find my inner voice and worth in 2017 in the midst of a not so healthy relationship. I felt like I was in quicksand and couldn’t get out. But in the mundane circle I was getting wrapped up in during this three-year relationship, I can now look back and see the beauty in it. How I persevered and found “Michelle”.

I am excited and looking forward to 2018. Who wouldn’t be happy about that? I get to travel the world and meet amazing people that inspire me daily. I choose to make my life better by eating healthy, working out daily and surrounding myself with nothing but positive and happy vibes. All of my trials in life has led me to where I am today. To enjoy all the amazing things and to accept the things I cannot change but to embrace them as life changing moments.

Everyone has a chapter in their book that they peak at with one eye open. But we all need to give those dark moments credit. They shape you into who you are today…which is AMAZING. I look back, and I smile at my pages. Those hard moments I thought were the end of the world were page turners in my Louis Vuitton journal. I look ahead to 2018 and it’s a fresh, new and exciting chapter. If you want to cut negative people or relationships out of your life, do it. If you want to tell someone to F off, by all means please do.

Here is to 2018 with less filters on pictures, more real talk, wearing your heart on your sleeve and helping one another achieve great accomplishments.