I feel like this month is flying by…probably because I just traveled across the pond and back, but don’t you feel like the holidays always come and go in the blink of an eye? I’m sure Christmas is all you ladies are focused on right now, and let’s be honest, what to wear. Not that fashion is the focus of Christmas or anything, but the photographic evidence will be around to haunt you for the next decade…So here you go my little Florida “snow” bunnies, a girl’s go-to-guide on how to dress for every holiday soirée.

Look #1: Casual Fam Jam Christmas

There is nothing quite like waking up Christmas Day and getting down to business, and I mean the gift business. I still feel like a little girl when I rise bright and early, excited to see what’s in store for the day. I’m all for being comfortable on Christmas morning around the tree, but that doesn’t mean I want to look like I woke up from a long night of slugging eggnog, hair matted and eyeliner runny. So, what’s an easy outfit once the presents have been discovered, stockings have been spilled and you’re ready to take selfies with the fam?

I recommend throwing on our Blanca Bell Sleeve Blouse in holiday white with a pair of distressed cropped denim jeans. Feverishly ripping off wrapping paper and tossing tissue is decidedly more impressive with each flick of the wrist thanks to this adorable bell-sleeve top. Then slip into a pair of trendy loafers and toss on a black hat to bury that bed head.

south florida christmas outfit

Look #2:  With the Girls

Family time is great, but some grounding girl time is a holiday must. After a full day of festivities with my kin, you better believe I am ready to let loose with my squad. Nothing is better than exchanging good laughs, finding out who your secret Santa is and indulging in some vino. Whether the lady gang is out or kicking it back on the couch, one must celebrate in style. Slip into an Elan jumper, Ada leather belt and tan floppy hat from Kooringal before you jingle and mingle. Car is not included. That would be sweet as hell though.

south florida christmas outfit

Look #3: An Evening With the “Hopeful” In-Laws

Yes ma’am, I said it. The HOPEFUL in-laws. This outfit goes to all my girls with the adorable beau and the much-anticipated holiday dinner. Whether you’re meeting the fam for the first time or it’s another weekly occurrence, you need to arrive in style. In my last blog post about fashion looks for Thanksgiving, I recommended dressing conservatively, and I still stand by that, but you still need to have your game face on. For any holiday soirée, you can’t go wrong in a LBD. This classic style is not only sophisticated but can be dressed up or down depending on your jewelry, shoes and handbag. Show up in this showstopper from Blaque Label. Your honey will be so glad he brought you!

south florida christmas outfit

What’s your favorite way to spend Christmas day? I’d love to hear how you style it. Leave a comment, or even better, share your look with us on Instagram @LilacAndLilies_Boutique.

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