I could have written a book on what I thought my life would be like.  Growing up, I imagined a devoted husband, the perfect 2.5 caring children and a shiny white picket fence in the suburbs.  An ideal life for a Stepford wife, but that’s not where the universe decided to take me, and I’m totally fine with that.

Instead, I am single (and dating, adventurously!), I own my own successful business and I have nowhere near 2.5 children.  And you know what?  I am exactly where I am meant to be.

So many of us have a cookie cutter model mapped out for our lives, but then we get thrown for a loop when fate decides to take us in a different direction.  Instead of cursing the universe, like I know we all want to, take a deep breath and surrender.  Just like taking a breath and falling into a not-so-comfy yoga pose, take a deep breath and let yourself fall into the arms of the universe and all that it has planned for you.

Take me, for example, who at 31 decided that I didn’t necessarily need to rely on a husband or children to find my sense of purpose. Instead, I pulled up my metaphorical bootstraps and decided to start my own business, Lilac And Lilies, which became my baby over time.  I’ve watched it grow and develop, and I couldn’t be prouder of all the work I’ve done to make it what it is today.

Beyond finding my own sense of fulfillment, I’ve been truly honored and inspired to see all of the dedicated female business owners who have followed in my footsteps.  I hope to see more individuals embracing different paths to success in the future; after all, I myself could not be happier with the path that fate decided to take me.

Whatever your path may be, I hope that it satisfies you; everyone deserves to find their version of success—even if there is no picket fence involved.

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