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Name: Kristin Clark Chambless
Blog: Living In Color Print
Website: livingincolorprint.com
Instagram: @kristinclarkfsu

A few fun tie bits about me {besides the fact that I’m completely fashion obsessed}.
Quit my 9-5 at the end of 2012 to pursue my dream of being my own boss & doing what I love.
Now I am blessed to say, I have done just that. Whether it’s freelancing or blogging,
I spend my days working at home + on the road, loving every minute of my flexibly.
Proud Florida State University alumna – always a Seminole + season ticket holder.


What inspired you to start your blog? How long have you been blogging?

I launched LICP in February 2012 as a way to connect with local, like minded women in the fashion industry and inspire others through my personal style and fashion journey.

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Describe your style? Where do you find your style inspiration?

I feel my style is dictated by seasonal shifts and what type of mood I am in. I would say I often gravitate toward feminine silhouettes (fit and flare, billowy layers, and bell sleeves) and soft florals, however I can never get enough of ripped denim and oversized boyfriend tees. I find inspiration mostly throughout my travels. For example, last September after my first trip to London, I walked away wanting to only wear black jeans and oversized outerwear. The weather may have attributed to that wardrobe shift, but it was still eye opening to see what people across the pond rock on a daily basis. On the flipside, during a trip to Tokyo, I walked away not necessarily wanting to dress like a local, but the influence of vibrant colors and pattern play was something pretty magical to take inspiration from.

What is a timeless fashion piece you can’t live without? 

The black loafer. Each year I see the style continue to be a staple within the majority of designer collections. Always reinvented or slightly tweaked season to season, whether it’s a play on texture, adding a heel detail, or making them backless (as we have seen the last couple years). Each detail as small as a shift it may be, continues to make this piece relevant year after year.

Living In Color Print    Living In Color Print

What are some of your favorite Fall 2016 Trends?

The continued menswear inspired pieces, the recent explosion of bell sleeves, and mono-neutrals all around!

One piece of advice you would give to any start up bloggers?

I would recommend going into it with a clear picture of what your goals are for your blog. Whether that means educating yourself on blogging as an industry, stalking your favorite bloggers websites for layout inspiration, or simply coming up with your own mission statement. Have all your ducks in a row and reference back to your original goals once you get started to ensure you’re staying on the path you intended. This industry will open so many doors that you never even imagined were possible, but maintaining your integrity along the way is the key to success.

Favorite place to work on your blog? Creative Space?

I would honestly say my favorite place to work is my home. It’s a comfortable space for me with little distraction where I feel I can be the most productive.

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We’ve heard that women are bossy (or bitches or both) countless times in our lives in reference to a woman with high expectations and the drive to achieve her goals. Now if you take a woman who leads a successful company you get a slew of even more unpleasant name-calling. But why? If you think about it, the majority of people who are happy and successful in life and business have arrived in their positions because they’ve worked hard and have had a positive team around them. As much as we’d like to think other people’s decisions don’t affect us, it’s an irrefutable fact that humans are social creatures and we rely on others for support. Throughout my life I’ve come to realize the importance of nurturing myself and my passions but also those in my life that help me accomplish my goals. There will always be people ready to knock you down, but the way you brush the dirt off your Louboutins and how you treat people will always be the determinants of your success. Although they may have been hard lessons to learn, I’ve compiled a short but very important list of rules I hold very near and dear to my heart.

Always be gracious. Regardless of whether you are the newbie at a company or the CEO of a national corporation, thanking people who are in your life and acknowledging their contributions is a must. Showing appreciation to those around you (particularly the barista who always gets your latte just right) creates solid relationships and gives you the reputation of being a classy and courteous woman.

If you manage a team of people, use “we” instead of “I”. As a girl boss who is responsible for a large team it’s easy to take credit for any triumphant outcomes. In order to lead a happy and productive team, it is vital to share your successes. By sharing responsibility with everyone on your squad you create an inclusive environment where your staff will feel valued and will be more likely to happily contribute to the company.

Never burn bridges. My mother would always say, “You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.” But we all know it can be very hard to maintain that sweet disposition when other people are not cooperating. Even if telling someone off may seem ideal in the heat of the moment, you never know when those people will pop back into your life. Keeping your cool and remembering to respect others could be the difference between scoring a coveted seat at next year’s Fashion Week or catching the recap of Balenciaga’s fall line while you sit at home in your PJs.

Remember to give back. At the pinnacle of your success, when you need other people’s help the least is precisely the moment when you should give back the most. Take the time to recognize the people, organizations or communities that have gotten you where you are today. Not only does it send fabulous karma your way, but it also makes people proud to be associated with you and inspires future relationships, both personal and professional. When you pay it forward you’re helping another woman somewhere reach her designer dreams.